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This legendary route, more than 60km long, it took more than 200 lives during the last 2016. Perhaps that is the reason why or perhaps due to marketing reasons, the Inter-American Development Bank named it “the world’s most dangerous road” in 1995.

Several companies, either from La Paz or from Coroico, organize daily tours with breakfast, lunch and a well-deserved refreshing shower at the end of the journey, starting from 330 Bob (45 € / 50 $).

The tour begins at 7am with an energizing breakfast while the whole group gathers at the meeting place. From there, a mini-van loaded with all the necessary equipment; Clothing, helmets and food, picks up the adventurers to drive them to the road starting point: “La Cumbre”, more than 4.650m over the sea level.

That is the original starting point of the Bolivian Andes road. The first part, 20km on pavement, it allows to reach Unduavi-Chuspipata viewpoint, the bifurcation point where the road leaves the pavement, the guardrails and any comfort aside during the next 4 hours that the steep descent lasts (always in the middle of the chaotic traffic, which doesn’t have remained behind, after having left the city of La Paz). There, it becomes a meandered gravel road, on a considerable slope and on a cliff of more than 1000m high.

The following road section is the truly world known as the “death road” and the image that appears in any search engine when introducing these words. High-speed descent, which sometimes reaches 75km/h due to the great gradient existing along the road, dangerous curves on unstable rocky surfaces and even under some waterfall.

In spite of everything, and thanks to its great incline of 60km in total descent, the circuit does not require of special physical fitness shape.

During the journey, few stops are recommended to photograph the spectacular “yungas road” landscapes, as it was originally named, and which it is presented as a previous to the Bolivian Amazon.

At the end of the tour, a well-deserved buffet lunch and showers are available for the “survivors”, as described by the arrival sign to the restaurant (mandatory photo), which indicates the end of the tour.

After a short break, the tour leaves towards La Paz again, where companies reward their adventurous with a “Death Road” t-shirt and an image and video CD.

Additional information:

Tour length: 11 hours

Estimated length of the bicycle ride: 5 hours

Where to book? Different agencies offer the tour with small modifications, but big differences in price. No fear adventure, rewarded TripAdvisor Tour Company is a good and economical choice.

How much? 330 Bob for the mechanical bicycle, 380 Bob for the hydraulics

When? Tours are organized all year long, but it is recommended to be specially careful during rainy season.

Where? The descent starts after a 3h bus drive from La Paz, and it finishes close to Yolosa and Coroico villages.

Who? Thanks to its great incline of 60km in total descent, the circuit does not require of special physical fitness shape and everyone is allowed to enjoyed it (except for personal and specific medical counter-indication).

Percentage of descent: 85%




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