3 Most Legendary Cafés in Budapest

My dear Lola, Foodies and adventurous eaters know that Budapest is renowned for it pastry culture. When looking for a unique (and sweet) gastronomic journey, these are the 4 most legendary cafés in Budapest that can not be missed.   Book Café – Lotz-terem... read more

Best budget snacks in Rio

This post has been published in collaboration with Brazogo, a brand new brazilian company that designs Rio de Janeiro‘s online guides after completing a personal survey and based on individual preferences, including only things their customers are interested in... read more

5W to know How to make the most of Munich Oktoberfest

New! Mydearlola.com is now on Bloglovin My dear Lola, Although nowadays the Oktoberfest, the biggest world beer fest, it has been internationalized and it is now celebrated in any city worldwide, the main and original one keeps being the one from the Deutsch city of... read more

3 meals and a dessert in Poland

My dear Lola, It is very difficult to describe the Polish cuisine, well… basically because in most of the cases we do not even know what ingredients is it made of, and we are not able to decipher the menu and take a decision by finding out if it is either hot or... read more

Fridays in Alkmaar taste cheese

My dear Lola, From middle April to early September, Alkmaar Waagplein square is filled, every Friday, by buyers, sellers and especially tourists, looking forward to enjoy its traditional cheese market. Once a week the main square is filled with more than 30,000 kilos... read more

Bologna, a matter of taste

My dear Lola, Italian cuisine presents a big array of flavours, always including its main ingredients (of course) PASTA and CHEESE. To enjoy them in its original and traditional way of cooking, there are 3 places in Bologna you can not miss. The Gelateria Gianni to... read more

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