4 best trails to hike in Rio de Janeiro

My dear Lola, “Cidade maravilhosa” (as Rio is also known), a city built more than 450 years ago and which became once the capital of one of the largest countries in the world, it includes in its urban structure large green areas, such as Tijuca National... read more

Hiking mount Srð in Dubrovnik

My dear Lola, Dubrovnik, the city within its walls and shot a milion times, also deserves to be discovered outside them. The Lapad district, Gruž harbour, the city main entrance by sea that receives hundreds of daily cruise ships and private boats, as well as... read more

Iceland 8 best hikes

My dear Lola, After an empirical research study, I have come to the conclusion that country’s national sport is neither football nor athletics nor basketball, nor golf during the long sunny summer nights, horse riding nor handball! The national sport is hiking.... read more

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