5W to know How to make the most of Munich Oktoberfest

New! Mydearlola.com is now on Bloglovin My dear Lola, Although nowadays the Oktoberfest, the biggest world beer fest, it has been internationalized and it is now celebrated in any city worldwide, the main and original one keeps being the one from the Deutsch city of... read more

Fridays in Alkmaar taste cheese

My dear Lola, From middle April to early September, Alkmaar Waagplein square is filled, every Friday, by buyers, sellers and especially tourists, looking forward to enjoy its traditional cheese market. Once a week the main square is filled with more than 30,000 kilos... read more

Keukenhof flower parade

My dear Lola, Every year, Keukenhof Flower Park, the world’s second largest flower garden after Dubai Miracle Garden, it holds a flower parade that covers 40 km, starting  Noordwijk and it ending at Haarlem, parading in front of the park at about 4pm. This... read more

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