Walking Rio de Janeiro’s city centre

My dear Lola, It has been said that the best way to know a city is by foot, discovering each of its streets and getting lost at each of its cross roads. Rio de Janeiro, confused by many as the country’s capital due to all its tourist attractions and because of... read more

Bologna in 48h

My dear Lola, Buon pomeriggio from Bologna, buon pomeriggio from Italy!! Bologna is the capital of Emilia-Romagna region, located in the country of the gelatos, pasta and pizza, of the vespas, the aperitivo at 7pm and of fashion. The city has a great atmosphere at all... read more

Amsterdam in 48h with the “I Amsterdam City Card”

My dear Lola, Holland or The Netherlands, are considered one of the old continent 15 smaller countries, although no less populated. Nowadays, more than 17 million people of different nationalities and religions live in just about 42km2, which makes it one of the most... read more

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