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Tours organized, everything planned with months in advanced and nothing left for the improvisation; this is all part of the past. Increasingly, travelers are looking for unique experiences that allow them feel part of the city and not just taking photos of the main city monuments to upload them on Instagram or any other social network.


This is exactly what the award-winning 5 * Marina Bay Sands offers, famous for owning the world’s largest and highest rooftop Infinity Pool, right on the top of its three majestic buildings which form the hotel. The pool ends up being its main tourist attraction and the reason why thousands of tourists decide to make a stop along the way and relax in its waters even if only for a day.

– Hours, fees and info 

– How to get there 

– Tips

– How much are we talking about? 

– When to go? 

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– Hours, fees and info / hours, rates and information

The pool is open exclusively for its guests from 6am to 11pm continuously without additional cost, but the one paid to stay in its luxurious rooms.

To access it, the visitors just have to show the key/card room and climb to the 57th floor, which makes it world’s longest elevated swimming pool, 191 metres above ground.

Info: For those wishing to visit the top of the hotel and see the pool (in the distance) there are tickets on sale for S$23 that allow the access to the Observation deck with views all over the city.

– How to get there

Although the taxi is always the easiest option, it is possible to access the hotel directly from one of the ‘Bayfront’ metro station exits.

Advice / Warning: There is another metro station called “Marina Bay” that leads directly to the city harbour, which was built before the hotel. To access both “Gardens by the bay” and “Marina Bay Sands hotel” it is recommended to stop at “Bayfront” station.

– Tips / Tips

And yes, every traveller is willing to take a photo in its infinity pool with the city skyline as a background (or its remainders, since it is located on the 57 floor, higher than most of the city buildings).

Surprisingly, the pool is crowded at all hours with people looking for a perfect instant to take a souvenir photo with no one around.

Well, the only way to succeed it is waking up early, early, early in the morning… and even though it is still no easy task, regarding the fact that most of its more than 2.500 rooms guests, also come to the same conclusion.

– How much are we talking about?

Access to the Infinity Pool is available only to Marina Bay Sands hotel guests, which means being able to spend a minimum of S$600 (about 400€) for a double room without breakfast, with a good deal.

original room


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– When to go?

It is always a good time to travel, with its advantages and disadvantages, and even more if we talk about south-east Asia, where Singapore is located, where temperatures are maintained throughout the year between 25ºC and 30ºC.

Have you ever swum in an infinity pool?



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