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Purmamarca is the smallest of the 3 main and most tourist towns located at “the Quebrada de Humahuaca”, and despite this, neither the least important nor interesting. Following the architectonical northern tradition of building any construction using adobe, Purmamarca organizes its streets from the central main square, where day after day traditional products sellers are placed.

The village, which seems to be stopped in time, is anchored in a majestic valley with “the 7 colours hill “, its main attraction, as a backdrop. And it is that around it, trails of varying length and difficulty are organized to get its better perspective. These ones are the 3 itineraries recommended by Purmamarca’s Tourism Office (the three of them can be walked within the same day)

Cerro Morado

Its access might be sometimes forbidden, due to the river flooding, which must be cross to get to the hill. Once on the other side, the hike is just about 20 minutes walk, and it ends at Cerro Morado’s top providing both the town and the 7 colours hill best views.

Cerro Porito

Cerro Porito is almost the same walk duration and perspective as Cerro Morado. The only difference between them is the closeness offered over the “7 colours hill”, which in this case it is located just a few meters away.

El paseo de los colorados

From “Cerro Porito”, the “paseo de los colorados” path (coloured walk) starts for about 3km, leaving the city behind and surrounding the small Purmamarca’s gorge with magnificent views of the different colored hills.

The trail can be done by car, but it is totally recommended to spend about an hour to walk through it and end back to its no less picturesque Purmamarca’s cemetery.

Are you up for a walk, Lola?



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