“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”
― Marcel Proust, French novelist

Chocolate taster, Barcelona lover and travel addict.

I left my hometown when I turned 18 and moved to Barcelona to take my Bachelor degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Since that moment on, I haven’t been back home for more than 4 months in a row.

In April 2015 I decided to move to “the land of fire and ice”, Iceland, where My Dear Lola was created in order to keep my friends documented on my 6-months stay and due to my personal passion for travel, to meet people who share the same interests with, and overall, to spread my experiences all over the globe, seeking the reactions of those who read it and who share this little hobby of mine.

Through my life I had the opportunity to live three great experiences abroad. In all cases they involved three incredible families who opened the doors of their home to me from the very first day and throughout my stay.

They taught me that family is not only the one that you are born with, but also those who show love and respect to you.

In 2010, a “work and travel” program in Norway opened my eyes to endless possibilities; new ways of traveling and getting to know new countries and cultures. I travelled there when I was 20 years old, and for about 3 months I worked at the Lorentzen family’s camping, located in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth; the Lofoten Islands. It was worth to spend the summer with an average of 15ºC to be able to discover one of the most fascinating sceneries in the world.

In my second experience, I flew to the Emerald Isle, Ireland, to work as an Au Pair for a year. During this period of time, I travelled the country, met people from all over the world and got to know the Irish culture, ahh … and all its great variety of beers, of course.

Nowadays, I’m right back to Iceland for my second working season joining the Volcano Hotel crew in the country southernmost village, Vík :)

All those amazing experiences encouraged me to keep discovering the world by planning my first “solo-trip” around South-America, starting in Rio de Janeiro Carnival in January 2016, and making my dream come true discovering Argentina after it.

Do you want to join me and read my “Letters to Lola” from all over the world?

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