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When we go on holiday, there are some things which are annoying for everyone. We’re supposed to be relaxing, but can’t help finding certain behaviours or situations extremely frustrating. You can rest assured you’re not alone in your annoyance – these are seven things almost every tourist hates:

  1. Crowds

By visiting a busy place, you understand you’re only adding to the crowds – but that doesn’t stop you finding it annoying. In other words, tourists hate other tourists.

Take Paris, for example. It’s got millions of its own inhabitants, but on a daily basis, the city is also visited by loads of tourists. It’s one of the reasons people hate Paris according to Viral Travel, as it results in a city that at every moment features about 20 times more people than it can and should handle.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel rooftop swimmingpool, Singapore

  1. Overpriced souvenirs

Where there are crowds, there will inevitably be overpriced souvenirs. There’s a part of you that wants to get something to take home, as a memory, or to thank your neighbour for looking after your cat, but then you look at the prices. Then you decide the souvenirs are all tacky anyway.

San Telmo market, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  1. Drunk strangers

We’ve already established other tourists are annoying. But drunk tourists are even worse – in fact, any drunk stranger can be a pain when you’re trying to enjoy holiday. As the Secret Traveller says, getting drunk isn’t the done thing in plenty of countries including France, or Italy, or Spain. Have a few drinks, of course, just don’t be the annoying one falling all over the place.

  1. People who don’t queue

Waiting in line isn’t hard. You stand behind the last person and wait until the queue moves forward – it’s that simple. Pushing, shoving and walking to the front is a sure way of becoming one of the tourists everyone hates.

  1. Hidden costs

One of the easiest ways to spoilt a great mood on holiday is to be hit with unexpected costs. Whether it’s a fee for checking in your luggage, costs for using facilities at the resort, or unexplained rises in how much things should cost, it’s annoying for everyone. No-one wants to pay more than they have to.

  1. Late transport

You’re eager to arrive at your destination and have been organized enough to pre-book transport to get you to the hotel in enough time for a pre-dinner dip in the pool. You feel on top of the world when you land, but then you’re left waiting at the airport for late transport. It’s a painful experience.

Perú Rail, Machu Picchu (Perú)

  1. Misleading reviews

As a tourist, you rely on reviews from other people who have already visited places you’re keen to try. When you read loads of good reviews, it can be disappointing to arrive and be let down by a restaurant or attraction. You start to wonder whether the owners have gone through and deleted any negative feedback.

What annoys you on holiday? Share your experiences below.



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