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It is very difficult to describe the Polish cuisine, well… basically because in most of the cases we do not even know what ingredients is it made of, and we are not able to decipher the menu and take a decision by finding out if it is either hot or suitable for vegetarians.

The only thing that can be claimed is that they are not light meals and that most of the time polish people eat them with a small shot of Wódka (vodka, as they spell it), either as an appetizer before they start eating, while enjoying a good Barszcz czerwony or once they finish eating, as the Spanish coffee.

Although Żubrówka is the most famous “Wódka” distilled from rye and flavoured with herbs, the alcohol assortment across the country is absolutely countless, and thousands of flavours mixtures can be found for everyone taste.

But leaving aside the different types of vodkas, which well deserve their own post, what are the 3 most typical Polish dishes? And if they had to choose a dessert, which one would it be?

Here are the best 3 polish dishes.. oh and the dessert!

Barszcz czerwony

The Barszcz czerwony, or beetroot soup, it is one of the most typical Polish recipes and a traditional meal during Christmas time, when meet is forbidden. By then, following the polish ritual, 12 dishes are served on the 24th December dinner, one for each apostle, and an chair must be left empty with the cutlery served in memory of those who are no longer present.


Żurek is another polish soup with a slightly sour flavour. It is made from both rye flour and meat mixture. While Barszcz czerwony is often served at Christmas, Żurek is rather typical during Easter.

For gourmets, it can be served inside an empty round bread, so that the remaining center is dissolved inside when introducing the hot cooked soup, adding a little more flavour and texture to the soup.

Pierogi ruskie (russian dumplings)

It is a pastry filled with different sorts and varieties of vegetables and cut of in a similar shape to Argentina empanadas, and with a similar texture to the Italian ravioli.

Chocolate in E.Wedel

Who said polish people do not like sweet?

E.Wedel means in Poland what Patrick Roger does in Paris; a chocolate master with the sweetest shops/patisseries available around the world.

Who can resist a chocolate tasting like this one?

Who said diet?



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