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3 Most Legendary Cafés in Budapest

My dear Lola, Foodies and adventurous eaters know that Budapest is renowned for it pastry culture. When looking for a unique (and sweet) gastronomic journey, these are the 4 most legendary cafés in Budapest that can not be missed.   Book Café – Lotz-terem... leer más

7 Annoying Things Which Are Universally Hated By Tourists

This post has been published in collaboration with Isabel Leong, travel blogger at Bel Around the world, and author of the article below When we go on holiday, there are some things which are annoying for everyone. We’re supposed to be relaxing, but can’t help finding... leer más

The Bolivian death road, from La Paz to Yolosa

My dear lola, This legendary route, more than 60km long, it took more than 200 lives during the last 2016. Perhaps that is the reason why or perhaps due to marketing reasons, the Inter-American Development Bank named it “the world’s most dangerous... leer más

4 best trails to hike in Rio de Janeiro

My dear Lola, “Cidade maravilhosa” (as Rio is also known), a city built more than 450 years ago and which became once the capital of one of the largest countries in the world, it includes in its urban structure large green areas, such as Tijuca National... leer más

Discovering the Quebrada de Humahuaca II – Humahuaca

My dear Lola, Only 160 kilometres separate Humahuaca from its neighbouring country, Bolivia. Humahuaca is Quebrada de Humahuaca’s biggest village and the one that names it, and it has no more than one attraction; its gorge (“quebrada” in Spanish,... leer más

How to pack for a trip to Rio de Janeiro?

Note: This post was originally published in October 2nd, 2016 in as a mutual collaboration between “My dear Lola” and the new Brazilian company. How to pack for a trip to Rio de Janeiro?   Traveling to Brazil without a swimsuit? Planning an adventure... leer más

Budapest’s most legendary spas

My dear Lola, Budapest is world known as the city of spas. Dozens of them can be found throughout the city. From the most elegant one, such as the Hotel Corinthia (where it has been said that the “The Grand Hotel Budapest” story was based) to the Turkish... leer más

Top 9 free things to do in Boston

My dear Lola, Who said that traveling to the United States was expensive? Boston offers dozens of free plans for all tastes and ages. Check out the best top 9 free things to do in Boston ¡¡without spending a single Dollar!! 1- Freedom trail Boston’s most popular... leer más

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